A Supercut of the Most Overused Pop Song Lyric [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
A Supercut of the Most Overused Pop Song Lyric [WATCH VIDEO]
Claude Debussy’s Premiere Arabesque melody and chords abstracted from that melody.

Pop songs are here to stay. With Taylor Swift’s crossover, pop songs have cemented itself into being one of the most songs people listen to.

Some pop songs are so monumental because of their beat, their relevance to the time when they were released and mostly due to the lyrics.

But there are pop songs that just use almost the same lyrics over and over, and people still think that they’re the bomb. People may have not noticed it, but they’ve been singing the same lyrics over and over again.

In the video below, there’s a supercut of over 50 songs that what appears to be using the same lyrics over and over again. May it be in the chorus, the bridge or stanzas, it’s there.

Listeners may not really hear it and notice at first, but once they listen on the songs after the other, it will all be clear. The songs are dated back from 2006 until today, and it ranges from different genres of music, from indie to pop to country, the same lyrics are heard repeatedly.

Did you hear it? Do you remember singing to it?

This video should be a challenge for all songwriters to take their game in lyrics department to the next level.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Hyacinth

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