A to Z Recap: I is for Ill Communication [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
A to Z Recap: I is for Ill Communication [WATCH VIDEO]
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A to Z” Season 1 Episode 9 “I is for Ill Communication” aired on Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. Andrew and Zelda thought that spending Christmas together would be a great idea. But was this what they really want? Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti) made a huge step in their two-month relationship. They were going to spend Christmas day together. Too early? Nope! They both thought it was the best idea. So then, Andrew told Zelda that he’s extra psyched because he will get his girlfriend the greatest gift with the help of his secret weapon: Stephie (Lenora Crichlow), Zelda’s best friend. Zelda could do the same with Andrew’s best friend Stu (Henry Zebrowski) and pick a perfect gift for him. But Zelda wasn’t exactly sure about this suggestion. She and Stu have yet to learn to get along.

Andrew and Stephie had an easy time shopping for Zelda’s gift, as expected. All it took was some clicks online and they were done. So they headed out for some cocktails afterwards. Maybe it was the alcohol in their drinks, but Andrew confessed that he really didn’t want to spend Christmas with his girlfriend. Wait, what's that again?

Andrew: I guess I got caught up in the moment and suggested we spend the holidays together.

What he really wanted was to spend Christmas with his father. He never missed the holidays with him. He asked Stephie not to tell her best friend because it will have Zelda retreat in her shell again.

Meanwhile, Zelda and Stu were not having the best time gift shopping for Andrew, mainly because Stu was being competitive with Zelda. He wanted to be the one to give Andrew the best gift, so why would he suggest anything good to her?

Zelda: We’ve been here for hours, and all you do is dig my ideas. And when you’re not digging me, you’re gift blocking me!

But Zelda started noticing how Stu looked a lot like Santa. Maybe it was the Christmas air, or the fact that while they were looking for gifts, she saw how kids were drawn to Stu, so she opened up to him: she cannot spend Christmas with Andrew. She would like to be with her family. Zelda made Stu promise not to tell Andrew this because it would break his heart. Stu, unfortunately, cannot keep a secret.

So later, as the four of them were enjoying their eggnogs and playing nice because it’s the holidays, Zelda and Andrew argued about Christmas tree decorations and traditions.

Zelda: Can we just do that one thing I would like to do? Because I already agreed to spend the holidays with you.
Andrew: Oh, you think you’re doing me a favor? Because I don’t want to be doing any of this.
Zelda: I don’t either.

So they both hurried off to buy tickets for home. Stress during holidays? Even the cutest, nicest couple like Andrew and Zelda go through them!

When they were at the airport, ready to depart for home to their respective families. Andrew apologized for the things he said, and Zelda did the same. They both realized that spending Christmas apart, at least at this point in their relationship, was the right thing to do. However, they could not leave things the way they were. They made up and reiterated how much they felt about each other. Before heading off to their respective flights, Zelda and Andrew said their I love yous for the first time.

Meanwhile at Wallflower, everyone got new bicycles from Big Bird (Christina Kirk). She then sent the entire staff home early to enjoy their holidays. But she learned from Howard (Ben Falcone) that Irene, a client who has spent $14,000 and three years on Wallflower, was going to talk to the press about how the site has failed to provide as promised. So Big Bird hijacked the holiday plans of Dinesh (Parvesh Cheena), Lora (Hong Chau) and two other staff to come up with solutions for Irene. They suggested Howard woo her so that she would be convinced to drop the interview.

It was a good thing Howard’s first date with Irene turned out to be positive, so they were able to achieve what they planned. The interview was canceled. Good job, Howard! Dinesh, Lora and the rest could now leave to enjoy their holidays!

Big Bird, however, thought that she and Howard could go over the year-end numbers during the Christmas break. Unfortunately, he had another date with Irene. Why did Big Bird feel bad about this? Did she like Howard for some reason?

A few days before Christmas, Big Bird was alone in the office going over the spreadsheets when Howard came in. Wasn’t he supposed to be with Irene? Howard described his second date with her as if it was an episode from “Twilight Zone,” so nope, he was never going to see her again. Big Bird was pleased and touched. She handed him her gift, which he really, really liked.

Love was definitely in the Christmas air on “A to Z” Season 1 Episode 9 “I is for Ill Communication,” which aired on Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. Check out the video for a highlight to the episode.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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