A TV Episode Was Banned in Australia for Saying ‘Spiders Are Not Scary’

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
A TV Episode Was Banned in Australia for Saying ‘Spiders Are Not Scary’
Peppa Pig making a personal appearance in the UK, 2009./ChrisTheDude

In Australia, anything that has eight legs should be deemed terrifying and dangerous.

Children’s shows do not only provide entertainment for kids but also gives them lessons in life in ways that they could understand. There are children’s show that tells kids not to talk to stranger or accept anything from them, while others warn about the dangers of getting into the washing machine’s dryer. While most of these life lessons are generally harmless, there are some that are too controversial for to be shown on television.

“Peppa Pig” is a children’s show from UK which has been exported to different countries including Australia. With different countries come different standards, norms and levels of danger of its animals and insects.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) received an objection in 2012 about “Peppa Pigs” episode called “Mister Skinnylegs.” The complaint further stated that the show’s message was badly chosen due to the fact that it tells little kids that spiders are small and harmless. In Australia, a lot of its spider species are dangerous and lethal.

Taking this complaint very seriously, ABC has responded by putting out a statement, which pointed out that they came to same conclusion with the complainant and found out that the episode has been televised by mistake. In its statement, the network said that they had found that particular episode of “Peppa Pigs” unfit to be televised in Australia. They also said that they made restrictions on the episode being aired on their television networks. They explained further saying that “Mister Skinnyleg” was accidentally uploaded online due to some technical issues. The statement followed an apology, saying that the network has apologized to the person that filed the complaint and assured them that the episode has been taken down and is no longer available online. ABC also assured all of its viewers that they’ve undertaken improvements on their internal communication regarding restricted episodes to prevent this from happening again.

This might look amusing, but in Australia, things like these are taken seriously as things such as spiders could pose a danger not only to adults but also to kids.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ChrisTheDude

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