A United Kingdom: Real Life Against-All-Odds Love Story

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
A United Kingdom: Real Life Against-All-Odds Love Story
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Racial discrimination has been a problem since the beginning of time. It still persists even in this highly technological world. It may have reduced as time goes by but it is still prevalent in the present society. The movie is a true-to-life love story. A United Kingdom tackles the effects of racial discrimination and how it has put on challenges to the lives of the people involved.

The film follows the story of King of Bechuanaland (present-day Botswana) Sir Seretse Khama and an English woman, Ruth Williams. They had the chance to preserve their love story until this day in a book. David Oyelowo read this piece of literature in 2010.

A United Kingdom Tells a True-to-Life Story

The massive opposition that the relationship caused in South Africa is the focus of this story. It will debut on February 10, says NY Daily News. The couple’s relationship is against all odds. Both of their families oppose their relationship. Even the South African and British governments oppose the marriage. Yet, true love triumphs in the end.

The government exiled Khama. But, he later returned to his home country to become its president. The crew also shot the whole movie in Botswana. The new generation of the people of Botswana was re-educated of their history. The world was able to know the subject the extent of discrimination during those times.

This is the reason why the lead actor loved this film. He plays opposite Gone Girl‘s Rosamund Pike as his wife. His acting credits include playing the role of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma.

A United Kingdom

The actor said, “Pretty much everyone who sees it says the same thing — not only do they not know the story, they’re all ashamed to say they didn’t know the story.” Movies like A United Kingdom has a huge effect on people. At the same time, it gives information into a period of history that everyone must know.

David Oyelowo has another reason to love his new movie. He also experienced discrimination in the past. The actor has Nigerian blood. He married English actress Jessica Oyelowo.

Lead Actor David Oyelowo Was A Victim Of Racial Discrimination

The movie’s theme of interracial marriage and prejudice is one that Oyelowo knows all too well. The actor, who is of Nigerian descent, married Jessica Oyelowo in 1998. They have four children together.

He shared, “I think the more we talk about how little it makes sense, and the more we have the opportunity to see how more alike we are than different, it’ll continue to be eroded.” Oyelowo’s words hit the nail on the head on the issue of discrimination.

A United Kingdom hopes to bring light to this perennial problem. The movie also believes that it takes love and acceptance to see the beauty of diversity. A United Kingdome will premiere on February 10.

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