Aaron Eckhart Talks ‘Battle: Los Angeles 2’: Set it in Paris!

By admin | 8 years ago
Aaron Eckhart Talks ‘Battle: Los Angeles 2’: Set it in Paris!

Given that Jonathan Liebesman’s recent sci-fi thriller, Battle: Los Angeles, opened to $35.6 million in a still sluggish box office slide, it was only a matter of time before Battle: Los Angeles 2 started being discussed.

Aaron Eckhart in 'Battle: Los Angeles'In a recent interview, actor Aaron Eckhart, who played SSgt. Michael Nantz in the film, was asked where he’d like to fight alien scum in a sequel. (At the time of this article, there is no sequel planned.)

“I’m thinking something… like Battle: St Croix. Or maybe Battle: Paris, I’ve been looking around while I’m here,” says Eckhart while on location in the French capital. “It’s funny you have to make it real but you do hate to destroy a nice town. But Paris would be good.”

Eckhart was clearly joking, but many fans are hoping that the events of Battle: Los Angeles will carry over into a series.

The film co-starred Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar), Ramon Rodriguez (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and singer Ne-Yo.

Eckhart recently completed work on The Rum Diary; due out sometime this year. The film centers on a journalist (played by Johnny Depp) working for a “run down” news paper in Puerto Rico. It co-stars Amber Heard and Giovanni Ribisi.

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