Aaron Rodgers Gets Candid about His Relationship with Olivia Munn

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Aaron Rodgers Gets Candid about His Relationship with Olivia Munn
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers may be a quarterback for Greenbay Packers of the National Football League, but for him, Olivia Munn is perhaps the most precious player.

ESPN recently spoke to the athlete and was full of praises for actress Olivia Munn, his girlfriend.

Aaron Rodgers said that Olivia has been a huge supporter and motivator who has been always motivating him. The athlete was appreciative of the fact that Olivia Munn has sacrificed by putting her own career on hold for him so that he could achieve his targets.

Aaron Rodgers also feels that Olivia Munn is always there whenever he needs her. The actress has always ensured that he is a priority in her life. She has been extremely patient with him and understands him thoroughly.

Rodgers, who is 31 years old, added that he has made several changes in his life now and that includes dating Munn. He is now surrounded by positive and encouraging people who have helped him to lead a happier and healthier life both on the field and off it.

There is undoubtedly a feeling of mutual admiration for each other. The pair has been dating each other since 2014. Munn, 35 says that Rodger has been her fitness inspiration.

She said that her boyfriend’s happiness has inspired her. Munn also feels that Rodgers is quite different from all the other men that she has met till date. She can just go on and on about him. The actress raved about Aaron sharing that just everything about him is good.

Olivia Munn is also happy about the fact that her boyfriend is in such a good shape. Aaron Rodgers, it seems has been eating quite well and is also quite serious about his workouts. She feels that having someone like Rodgers in her life is actually very motivating.

It looks like the couple shares a beautiful relationship between them. Let us keep our fingers crossed for their well-being and hope that they stay like this always.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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