‘General Hospital’ Cancelled? ABC Fires Head Writer; Major Plot Changes Coming

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘General Hospital’ Cancelled? ABC Fires Head Writer; Major Plot Changes Coming
“General Hospital” head writer Ron Carlivati fired because to prevent cancellation?

American Broadcasting Company (ABC) dismissed “General Hospital” head writer Ron Carlivati last Friday. Does this have something to do with the sinking rating that the soap opera had in the past few episodes? Read on for more details.

ABC executive vice president current series programming Vicki Dummer released a statement that officially confirmed the rumored firing of Ron Carlivati as head writer for “General Hospital.” The company replaced him with two veteran writers.

“Shelly and Jean’s combined talents and experiences promise to continue the show’s legacy of compelling storytelling that will resonate with our impassioned viewers. We’re delighted with what they have in store for the show as they continue honoring the rich, diverse environs of Port Charles,” Dummer said in a statement via a TVLine report.

Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante were expected to assume their post as head writers on August 10, which was said to mean that the Jason Morgan plot would move to a faster pace, with the revelation of his identity expected to happen not beyond than November.

“General Hospital” Low Ratings: Reason For Firing?

It could not be denied that “General Hospital” enjoyed high ratings under the helm of Carlivati. He was even acknowledged for saving the show from the brink of cancellation. He also brought back a lot of popular actors in the show whose roles were treated badly.

However, it is said that the soap opera went through three months of low ratings, in fact sinking, and was not able to have reversals, ShowBiz411.com noted. This also implied that the show was headed for a cancellation.

Though the reason for Carlivati’s firing as head writer was not specified, the sinking rating of the soap opera was speculated to be the possible ground for it, aside from the fact that a number of fans were getting disappointed due to the recent the story line that the show had been featuring.

Since ABC made this change, it was said that this could return “GH” back to its glory days, Examiner reported.

Shelly Altman is no stranger to “GH” as she was the associate head writer and co-head writer for the ABC soap around 2011-2012.

Jean Passanante also wrote for “General Hospital” as associate head writer last 2012-2013.

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