About a Boy Season 2 Recap: Will Hates Christmas

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About a Boy Season 2 Recap: Will Hates Christmas
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Will Freeman is this season’s Scrooge in the new episode of “About a Boy” Season 2 Episode 8 “About a Christmas Carol,” which aired last Dec. 9, 2014 at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Will and Marcus are trying to find proof to make the hit song “Runaway Sleigh” 100% Will’s, Fiona is trying too hard to instill the magic of Christmas in Marcus and Will meets again his least favorite person on earth.

Will is throwing Christmas cards on the trash bin when somebody knocks on the door. Fiona and Marcus happily sing “Deck the Halls” until Will slams the door on their faces.

Marcus gets in through the window. He tells Will not to throw the cards away because people are taking their time to write him a card. He finds out one of the cards is from Will’s father. He reads the simple letter out loud.

Fiona gets in through the back door. When she finds out about the card, she thinks Will’s house is not decorated because he will spend the holidays with his father. Will denies it and says he does not believe in Christmas.

Fiona and Marcus are surprised. Will adds he does not feel celebrating an “imaginary fat man in a red suit.” Before Will can even say more, Fiona covers Marcus’s ears. Marcus heard it anyway and asks if Santa is really imaginary. Will cannot believe Marcus still believes in Santa. Fiona defends to Marcus that by imaginary, it means that it is not often seen and is mysterious like the will-o’-the-wisp. Marcus interjects that is not the definition of imaginary. Fiona pushes him out of the room. She threatens Will not to do it again. Will tears his father’s card after noticing it was printed from a website.

Will looks sadly at people decorating in the backyard when Laurie calls him back to settle the conflict once and for all with “Stalker Stacy” who claims she wrote “Runaway Sleigh.” Will still insists he wrote the song, not Stacy. He says she only wants to steal his money. Laurie tells him she already talked with Stacy’s lawyers and agreed with the terms. Stacy is willing to be given a small percentage from the royalty. Will still disagrees strongly. He believes he must have all of the money. He promises to find evidence because he wants “a good fight for justice.” Laurie tells him to sign the papers, but he just tears them all.

Will opens the door to go outside when Marcus tells him he already figured it out why Will hates Christmas. He thinks it is because Will constantly hears the same version of “Runaway Sleigh.” He plays the new rap version of Nasty Dog in loudspeakers, making everyone in the backyard dance except for Will.

Andy invites Will to spend Christmas with them at Fiona’s house. Will sarcastically tells him his idea is as good as the song. Andy takes it seriously, expressing his excitement.

Fiona tells Will to wash Marcus to make up for what he said to him about Santa. Will is exasperated that a 12-year-old still believes in Santa. Fiona says they have been nomadic their whole life, and the only constant thing is to believe in a magical Christmas. Will wearily jokes to make Santa watch over Marcus since he is real. Fiona defends she believes in the spirit of Santa. She cannot believe Will was able to write a Christmas song. Will says it means nothing to him. He just wants the money.

Marcus appears from the window again. He is aware that Will must be with him because of the whole “fat man fiasco.” Will says he is on a mission. Marcus tells him it not a request. Fiona thinks Will is currently unstable, so Marcus must watch over him. Will says okay, but Marcus must find first his keys. Marcus tells him to check his left pocket. He is right.

Will and Marcus start to find for the handwritten lyrics. Marcus confirms Will just wants to keep the money even though he hates the song. Will strongly agrees.

Will knocks on the door of an old house where his popular band Sriracha used to rehearse and party. The guy who opens the door suddenly recognizes Will. His band inside is excited to see him. When Marcus tells them Will wrote “Runaway Sleigh,” the guy gets mad. He accuses Will that writing that song led to Sriracha breaking up. Will ignores him and insists on looking at boxes in the attic. The guy tells him a woman cleared all of the boxes a year ago. He then demands for Will and Marcus to leave.

Fiona and Andy go to a store and look for a snow machine. The girl at the counter says it is sold out, and the only one she has is too damaged that it burned a house. Fiona still takes it and demands the hesitant Andy to fix it. She is desperate to give Marcus a white Christmas in California.

Will and Marcus proceed to the house of a former female band member, Deb, who was so beautiful and sexy. A fat, unattractive lady opens the door who turns out to be Deb. Will is so surprised. Deb’s husband tells him he sold the framed lyrics on eBay. Deb finds for the FedEx receipt to track the address. Deb’s family suddenly sings “Runaway Sleigh” for they are all aware that Will composed it. Will sadly goes out of the house.

Will finds out the address in the receipt is his father’s. He insists on having the lyrics quickly for he does not want to talk to his father for long. His dad still initiates a conversation with him that leaves the annoyed Will to remind him what he had done. Will hates that his father did not live with his mother in Florida. He thinks his father cannot stand living in a house Will bought. He believes his father is holding a grudge because he did not pursue classical music. His father denies holding grudges and has actually no problem with Will pursuing what he loves. He tells him he has to call his mother for the lyrics are not with him. Before Will leaves, he asks his father why he never said he was proud of him. His father did not say a thing.

Andy is on the roof trying to turn the snow machine on. It suddenly explodes, and he almost falls. The worried Laurie and Fiona bring him a ladder to go down. Fiona’s plan B is to put candles in white paper bags and light them all like lanterns. Marcus loves the lanterns as soon as he arrives with Will. Will feels at home looking at Fiona, Marcus and Andy’s family. He decides to spend Christmas with them.

Will tells Laurie that he changed his mind about not signing the papers. Laurie says it is too late for Stacy withdrew her offer. It means Will gets nothing from the song. He feels bad at first but immediately moves on.

Suddenly, everyone hears a classical version of “Runaway Sleigh.” Turns out it is Will’s father and his gang, playing with violins and a cello. Will appreciates the effort from his father that he starts to sing with everyone.

There you have it for the recap on “About a Boy” Season 2 Episode 8 “About a Christmas Carol,” which aired last Dec. 9, 2014 at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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