Abraham Lincoln Not Cut to Be a Vampire Hunter

By admin | 6 years ago

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is based on a 2010 novel written by Seth Grahame-Smith. It crosses horror fantasy with one of the darkest chapter in American history. Honest Abe wages a secret battle against the undead that can affect the outcome of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president of the nation as a vampire hunter is its come on but the novelty can’t sustain the whole thing. Take it away from the movie and it is not that interesting. This might be the reason why the movie is made in 3D.

The computer generated effects are good, especially the vampires. This is how vampires should look like, roaring, red-eyed monsters unlike the well-groomed ones in True Blood. There are several action scenes that were made in the manner of 300. You know the ones where the action is fast and them goes into super slow motion the next frame so that you can enjoy all the blood and gore on the screen.

One of the most memorable scenes in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is when Abe fight Adam (Rufus Sewell), a 5,000 year old king of the New World vampires. They were going at each other in the middle of a horse stampede.

But the fast-slow-fast-slow action gets repetitive after some time. The climax happens on a train going across a high, wooden bridge that was burned by the vampires. It was a bit over the top. The story is straightforward. It began with Abe as a young man and trained by Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper), a vampire but is fighting against his kind after Adam killed his wife and turned him into a vampire against his will.

Vampires can’t kill other vampires. This is why Sturgess recruited human agents to do the job for him. Abe is one of his talented pupils. He is always a loner until he meets Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and marries her.

On paper, the story is interesting. But on screen, it requires a lot to suspend one’s disbelief especially when you combine vampire mythos with the Civil War.

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