Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Needs More History

By admin | 6 years ago

Abraham Lincoln kept the Union together as the 16th president of the nation. He also freed the slaves. He deserves better than being a vampire hunter in a routine 3D mash-up movie that combines history and horror with computer generated special effects. Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is based on a novel by Seth Grahame-Smith. He also wrote the screenplay of the movie. Its premise is that President Lincoln was also a vampire slayer. He kills them with a silver-coated axe.

As a boy, Abe saw a vampire kill his mother, which caused her to be sick and eventually die. He vows to get his vengeance on the undead. Then cut to Lincoln as a young man. He moves to Springfield to study law while working as a clerk in a dry goods store. There he meets and fell in loves with Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). But at night he leads a secret life of killing vampires.

Eventually he becomes a politician. He learns that the vampires are behind the slave trade and vows to fight them through words and ideals. But once he is elected as president, he realizes that the vampires will not stop and he wields his axe once again.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has a good premise but it fails to give depth to its characters. It also fails to work with the historical elements. Aside from Abe as a vampire slayer and vampires supporting the Confederacy as a way to give them their own nation, the movie fails to use the specifics of the period’s politics and social setting.

Those looking for an action movie this summer will be satisfied with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It is crammed with CGI special effects and highly stylized action scenes. But aside from that, it offers nothing more.

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