Acting IRS Commissioner Resigns over Tea Party Scandal

By admin | 6 years ago

On Wednesday, President Obama announced that the acting head of the Internal Revenue Service was asked and agreed to resign following the news that the government agency had targeted political groups that were conservative and were attempting to gain tax-exempt status.

Steven Miller, who at the time the wrongdoing took place was not the commissioner of the IRS, agreed to step aside due to the misconduct on the part of the government agency. Obama was visibly angry and said that the additional screening that “Tea Party” groups went through prior to last year’s presidential election was a complete outrage.

Obama added that he was in fact angry over what happened and said the American people have a right to be upset.

The remarks Obama made were in response to the reverberation that has occurred due to the controversy throughout Washington this week.

Previously Obama has said the accusations against the IRS had been outrageous but did not report publicly on the incident until he received a report prepared by the Department of the Treasury.

Jacob Lew, the Secretary of Treasury requested that Miller resign. Miller agreed to do so but his resignation was effective immediately, it will take place in June.

The Inspector General’s report, which was released on Tuesday, did not put the blame on the leadership of the IRS in Washington for initiating the scandal, but found fault with them for not adequately supervising employees located at its office in Cincinnati where the targeting had first started.

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