Activision Blizzard Brings Its Game Cache To Big Screen And TV Adaptations, Says ‘Their Greater Than Marvel!’

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Activision Blizzard Brings Its Game Cache To Big Screen And TV Adaptations, Says ‘Their Greater Than Marvel!’
Call of Duty

Activision Blizzard will be the newest film studio which will carve its name in Tinseltown. Read On!

The gaming company via its very own Activision Blizzard Studios is gearing up for a “Call of Duty” and a “Skylanders” big screen and animated television series adaptation respectively, as reported by Tech Times.

Bobby Kotick, CEO of the newly-launched Activision Blizzard said this in a press release:

“Activision Blizzard is home to some of the most successful entertainment franchises in history, across any medium,” said Kotick, adding that the Activision Blizzard Studios’ launch will enable the fans to watch the games as film and also in television.


Former Disney executive Nick van Dyk has come onboard to be the co-president with the aforementioned “Skylanders” as their pet project on the small screen. The voice-over talents will include Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers) as Spyro, Ashley Tishdale (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) as Stealth Elf and Jonathan Banks (Gravity Falls) as Eruptor. Writer Eric Rogers of “Futurama” fame is overseeing the animated magical realm of “Skyland” for television.

The “Call of Duty” movie adaptation was an out of the blue undertaking as mentioned in Screenrant. Adding to the fact that the studio will be implementing a “robust cinematic universe” whose narrative may not be exactly lifted from the aforementioned video game series but rather embrace a commonality in the setting.

However, Activision Blizzard didn’t play any part on the production of Legendary’s “Warcraft” movie as the project was just recently made public. There are possibilities that the next upcoming sequels to Blizzard’s fantasy RTS game will be co-produced by this new outfit.


In a recent interview Nick van Dyk, with Fortune, quoted as saying, “the Call of Duty IP is much greater than the core IP of Marvel.” 

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