Actor Andrew Garfield Speaks about “The Pressure to Please Everyone”

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Actor Andrew Garfield Speaks about “The Pressure to Please Everyone”
Andrew Garfield

Andrew  Garfield, who starred in “The Amazing Spider-Man” came out with a revelation that how the pressure of pleasing everybody has negatively affected his experience of working in movies.

In a recent interview to Indiewire while promoting his upcoming movie “99 Holms”, Andrew Garfield said there is immense pressure to please everyone around and to get it right but it is not possible always as one ends up not pleasing everybody to agree unanimously that the movie was good. This has also adversely impacted his experience in acting in movies.

He said that that the people involved with making of a film want girls aged 11 to love it, gay teenagers to go and watch it, fifty year old white men to love the movie, but it is just not possible always.

The star of “The Amazing Spider-Man” also said that there is always tremendous expectation and projection whenever such a character or a story line like Spider man is concerned but he was always ready from beforehand to take up such a challenge and he still is.

But at the same time it was claimed by Andrew Garfield that he feels much freer now in several ways than he used to feel during the time spent on filming the “Amazing Spider-Man” movies.

He continued stating that he was the part of a group that infused their souls in the film while making attempts to make it a unique film so that there was something worth in the final product for its viewers.

While he appreciates that it involved infusing elements like truth, flavor and authenticity, it is also understood that people wanted to make more money from each of their films and for doing so, they are more than willing to spend massive amount of their money.

However Garfield said that it was not his style and he cannot live in that manner as it would otherwise be like a prison for him.

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Photo source:  Facebook/Andrew Garfield

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