Here Is How This Actor Can Return From The Dead In Wonder Woman 2

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Here Is How This Actor Can Return From The Dead In Wonder Woman 2
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The sequel to Wonder Woman is slowly taking shape and after it revealed that the story will be set in the 80’s and feature the original cast, a question seems to boggle the minds of fans.

It is regarding one of the original cast members from the first movie who died while doing a big deed. Until now, many believed that his death presumably ended his journey in the DCEU.

Chris Pine’s return

Since yesterday, this has become a much-discussed issue. Chris Pine’s role in Wonder Woman perfectly complemented Gal Gadot’s superhero. Apart from fans keeping all their attention on her, they were also hooked at Pine’s performance.

Now with Pine set to return in Wonder Woman 2, fans start to wonder how he can return back from the dead. Aside from the theory of him not actually dying or Gods bringing him back to life, there is one way, which seems possible.

Steve Trevor’s Descendant

Screen Rant reported that Pine could come back from the dead if he plays a character that is related to the original Steve Trevor. Since seventy years will have passed between the events of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 2, there is a good opportunity for Pine to come back as some other character.

The outlet speculated that the new Trevor appearing in Wonder Woman 2 could be the original one’s grandson. Since this idea has been explored multiple times in the comic books, it does become the best possible idea.

The new Trevor could get to know a lot about his grandfather’s heroics from Diana and in turn, he could help her as well just the way his grandfather did. Diana could also get to see her own Steve in his grandson and reminisce about the good old days.

In the comics, fans have read about a Trevor who crash-landed in Themyscira and another version of Trevor who exists in the modern day as Head of ARGUS and Justice League’s liaison.

A totally different character

If the makers choose not to go with the descendant idea, they can bring Pine back through a totally different character. This character will have no connection to the Original Trevor but much like the WWI hero, he will help Wonder Woman defeat the main villain.

This new character could be a spy who Diana comes in contact with and somehow becomes an integral part of the story.

The whole idea of the original Trevor getting resurrected will simply not work. If he comes back to life, the great impact his sacrifice had in the first movie will automatically get negated.

Role in DCEU

If the makers choose to go with the descendant idea, it could also pave way for a bigger role for Pine. Much like the comics, this new Trevor could become Diana and the League’s liaison and pop up now and then to help.

It would firstly give Pine an opportunity to become a bigger part of DCEU and secondly give him a strong screen presence.

Plot and release date

No plot for the sequel has been released yet but reports have stated that the movie will be set during the Cold War of the 80’s. The story will also take Diana to the US as it can be expected that she will help American forces defeat the Soviets.

Fans walked out with satisfaction and happiness after the way Wonder Woman turned out. It is the first major DCEU hit that has managed to save the cinematic universe. Wonder Woman 2 does not have a release date yet.


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