Actor Charlie Sheen Discloses The Number Of People Who Sued Him Over HIV Secret

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Actor Charlie Sheen Discloses The Number Of People Who Sued Him Over HIV Secret
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has lately revealed that he has been sued by many people over HIV secret and has paid them a lot of money. The Hollywood actor made his HIV condition public in November this year after being fed up by the blackmailers.

Being HIV positive is always considered a stigma in society and this might be the reason the “Spin City” actor kept his disease a secret all these years. Even though Sheen was not mentally and emotionally ready to talk about his HIV secret but he chose to divulge to the world.

In a recent interview to RadarOnline, Sheen talks about his diagnosis, how he was blackmailed by trusted friends, and how many people have sued him so far.

Sheen, 50, seems to have been through a lot in all these 4 years. First came the devastating news that he was HIV positive and then he spent all these years in fear that people he trusted once would expose his disease to all. All these years Charlie Sheen smiled to the world and nobody knew he was fighting a scary battle all alone.


In the interview when asked why he agreed to pay to the blackmailers, he said, “I was trying to protect my privacy. I didn’t want to be forced into revealing my condition based on somebody else’s greed or folly.”

When asked that did he have any regret that he succumbed to the demands of blackmailers, Sheen stated that at that time it seemed that it was a right decision to pay them off. He also stated in the interview that he had trusted some people in past but they turned out to be “unsavory and insipid types” and chose to take advantage of the situation. They blackmailed him to keep his secret.

“Two and a Half Men” actor also said that he didn’t go to the police because things would have to be done more formally and which would involve submitting reports and all that. In all these events, his privacy would have been violated.


Charlie Sheen was also asked by the interviewer that with how many people he has settled in court and out of court. To this his answer was “less than 10.” Charlie Sheen also divulged that he has to provide those people a lot of money but due to confidentiality issues, he cannot disclose the exact figures.

Still Sheen does not know how he caught the life-threatening HIV virus. Fans wish that Sheen would get well soon and set an example for other HIV infected people to follow. It is obvious it takes a lot of courage to come out and tell your story to the world when you are suffering from HIV. Fans, wish him good luck!

 Photo Source: Charlie Sheen/Facebook

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