This Actor Joins The Cast Of Aquaman In A Supporting Role

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Actor Joins The Cast Of Aquaman In A Supporting Role
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Aquaman is slowly taking shape. The movie is filming in Australia and has an impressive ensemble cast and a recent report is now confirming that there is a new addition to the cast.

This actor has been very secretive about the role he is playing and has been dodging questions about it from fans as well.

Michael Beach cast in key role

Screen Rant reported that Michael Beach is the latest addition to the cast of the solo DC movie. Beach’s role has been revealed as Jesse Kane. He is a modern-day pirate who runs into conflict with Aquaman.

The movie, which will be taking fans to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, will also be focusing significantly on the supporting characters from the Aquaman-verse.

Even though Beach’s role has been revealed as a pirate, there are still some rumors that suggest there could be more than that. He could be playing a more important role in the movie than just a mere pirate.

Speculations are hinting that he could be playing the role of Aquaman villain Black Manta’s father. He was seen hanging out with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who is playing Black Manta on the set, which gave rise to these speculations.

Playing Manta’s father’s role would make more sense for Beach because he plays a key role in establishing how Aquaman and Black Manta became enemies.

Character’s backstory

As mentioned earlier, Black Manta’s father plays a key role in turning Aquaman and Black Manta into enemies. The two were already in conflict but things worsened when Manta attacked Aquaman’s father.

In retaliation, Aquaman accidentally killed Manta’s father. Seeing his father’s death at the hands of the King of Atlantis, Manta swore revenge and vowed to kill all of Aquaman’s family and friends.

He also teamed up with Aquaman’s half-brother Orm to seek revenge on the hero. In his quest against Aquaman, Manta has everything in his power to see the King of Atlantis suffer.

How will Beach’s character factor in?

The main question now is, how will Beach’s character factor in? As a pirate, he could be involved in all sorts of illegal stuff. And this could get him under the radar of Aquaman.

It may lead to a confrontation with the hero, which could be the reason for his demise. Manta would probably come to know of his father’s death later on and would seek revenge.

Director’s statement and release date

Aquaman director James Wan described the movie as a high seas adventure story.

He also stated that the movie is in the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Romancing the Stone. He later on also spoke about how he wants to add elements of horror in the movie.

Before the solo movie, the superhero will be appearing this year in Justice League. No official plot is available for the movie but it will release on Dec. 21 next year.


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