This Actor Has Teased Getting Cast As Robin In DCEU

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Actor Has Teased Getting Cast As Robin In DCEU
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DCEU is expanding continuously. Multiple heroes are appearing in the cinematic universe and are getting their own movies. Recently, a new DC character has been teased hinting that he could be appearing in near future.

The actor who teased this DC role on his social media account also quickly removed it to avoid any more discussion.

Drake Bell teases the role of Robin

Screen Rant reported that Superhero Movie star Drake Bell posted Robin’s logo on his Twitter account along with the caption “the Boy Wonder?” Bell deleted the tweet almost immediately but some fans were able to grab a screenshot.

With this tweet, the actor-singer might be hinting at his involvement with the role in DCEU. Since work on The Batman will reportedly start soon, Bell could be playing one of the Robins in it.

Many fans believe his looks resemble the third Robin aka Tim Drake in the Batman-verse. Much like other Robins, Drake happens to have a major role in Batman’s life.

The whole assumption of Bell playing the third Robin comes from the logo. Since the logo that he shared is from the time when Drake was the Robin, many believe he could be playing that version.

Possible appearances in DCEU

If Bell is really playing Robin in DCEU, there are multiple movies in which he can appear. The first option is The Batman. The film will focus on the dark knight and his escapades in Gotham City.

There could be multiple villains in the movie and in order to fight them all, Batman could summon one of his sidekicks to help him take them down. Bell’s Robin could be his current active sidekick, which would lead to him showing up and helping his mentor.

The second option is Nightwing. Much like the dark knight, Nightwing is also getting his own movie. Set in Bludhaven, the movie could focus on the first Robin teaming up with the third one.

Since the second Robin aka Jason Todd is already dead in DCEU, Nightwing could use the next best character available. Bell’s Robin could efficiently assist Dick Grayson as well.

Titans isa the other project where Bell’s Robin could be used. But it should be noted that this project is not in DCEU exactly. Available on DC’s digital service, it is the first live-action series centering on Teen Titans. The third Robin has been a part of this team, which means Bell could show up in the series as well.

Origin of Tim Drake

Drake much like Bruce Wayne comes from a well to do family. His parents were wealthy and would often travel around the world. His first exposure to the world of Batman was when he was able to deduce that Wayne is Batman and Grayson is Robin.

Getting inspired, he started training in martial arts. Looking at his detective skills and martial arts training, when Todd, the second Robin died, Batman made Drake the third Robin.

Wayne’s son Damian eventually replaced Drake but he gave himself a new identity of Red Robin. As Red Robin he collaborated with Young Justice and Teen Titans to fight crime.

When Batman was presumed to be dead, it was Drake who set out on a world tour to find his mentor. On one occasion it has also been revealed that Batman considered Drake as the best detective he had ever come across.

Bell’s suitability for Robin

The question now is if Bell will be a suitable choice for the role of Robin or not. For the most part, hard-core fans of the character expressed reluctance in seeing Bell in the role.

But this was also the case when Affleck was first cast as Batman. After he was officially introduced as Batman, most of the haters ended up changing their opinion.

Bell would have to get every aspect of the character and perhaps even get in superhero shape to portray the role. If he manages to succeed in this part, he will have a long way to go in DCEU.

Batman-verse movies in DCEU

The Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens are movies that come from a deeper Batman-verse within the DCEU. Each of these movies features a different storyline and will focus on varied characters that have had their own significance in Batman’s life.

None of these movies have a confirmed release date but are expected to release in 2018 and 2019.


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