This Actor Is In The UK and He Might Be Joining Justice League Reshoots

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Actor Is In The UK and He Might Be Joining Justice League Reshoots
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Armie Hammer is on a roll. After starring in movies like Free Fire, Call Me by Your Name, and Cars 3, he is now being associated with a major DC movie. Speculations are rampant about him being cast as Green Lantern in DCEU.

There has been no confirmation yet of him being part of the film, but his latest Instagram post says otherwise.

Armie Hammer in the UK

Cosmic Book News reported that Hammer took to his Instagram account to share one of his pictures where he can be seen sitting in a craft, heading to the UK.

While this might not mean much to many, DC fans who have been waiting to hear some sort of update about the actor and the Green Lantern role, this might be just what they’re waiting for.

As mentioned earlier, Hammer, for months now has been associated with the Green Lantern role in DCEU. He was on the shortlist of actors and multiple reports have confirmed that his name has been discussed quite a lot for the role.

Hammer traveling to the UK further only fuels speculations that it could be related to the DCEU role because Justice League reshoots are currently underway.

Justice League reshoots

It was reported some time back that some reshoots for Justice League will be taking place in the UK. Whedon stepped in to overlook the reshoot and finish Zack Snyder’s vision for the movie.

Once the reshoots started, a report also popped up stating that Whedon is directing some additional scenes along with additional photography for the movie.

Since one Green Lantern has been rumored to appear in the DC ensemble, it could very well be Hal Jordan himself. And since Hammer has been associated with this role, he could be making an appearance in a post-credits scene as Jordan.

His appearance could be linked to the solo movie Green Lantern Corps and further explore his adventure in DCEU as the superhero.

Hammer’s statement about Green Lantern

Despite all the speculations, Hammer has made his status quite clear. He recently commented about the Green Lantern rumor and made a surprising revelation.

He mentioned that DC has actually not approached him about playing the superhero. Given the intensity of rumors, he made sure to check with his agent if an offer to play the role had come by. After confirming with his agent, he stated that the whole prospect of playing the superhero had died down.

Possibilities of playing the role

But his statement does not rule out the possibility completely. Maybe he is purposely making this statement up to hide his casting. He has been actively trolling fans with Henry Cavill, which caused all these speculations.

This is also not the first time an actor has denied any involvement. Justice League star Jason Momoa kept on denying his casting as Aquaman for almost a year before he was officially introduced in the role.

The Batman star Joe Manganiello also did the same. He kept on rejecting Deathstroke rumors before a video by Ben Affleck confirmed this role.


Justice League will assemble the DC team for the first time. Following the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman and Wonder Woman will be assembling a team of metahumans who can fight an invading threat and protect the world.

Cavill’s Superman is also expected to join but his re-appearance is being kept under wraps. Steppenwolf is the main villain and Game of Thrones star Ciaran Hinds is playing the role.

Release date

Justice League will release on Nov. 17 this year.


Photo source: Facebook/The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Facebook/Justice League Movie

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