This Actor Wants His Show’s TV Cast To Star In A Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Actor Wants His Show’s TV Cast To Star In A Movie
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Gotham has told the story of who Batman was before he became Batman. David Mazouz has been playing young Bruce Wayne on the show and will do so in the upcoming season as well. But if one of the show’s stars is concerned, there is only one place where Gotham should go after the upcoming season.

Sean Pertwee’s statement about Gotham

Screen Rant reported that Gotham star Sean Pertwee recently commented on which direction should the show take after it is done with the upcoming season.

It has already been hinted that the show will soon dabble into final versions of the existing characters. With that happening, the show soon might move toward introducing Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Penguin, the Riddler, the Joker, and others.

But if Pertwee were to be believed, he would like to see the entire star cast of Gotham appear in their own Batman movie. Since the future of the show post the upcoming season has not been decided, Pertwee’s suggestion might look like an option.

He believes that the last season’s end anyways looks like a movie and there is nothing more he would want than to be a part of the cinematic version. The real question is will it work out?

Will the movie look good?

If fans were to look at it as a standalone movie, it might just work. The show since the first season has focused on a young Bruce Wayne who is trying to cope with his parents’ death and a fierce young detective Gordon who once policed the streets of Gotham before Batman took over.

If this angle were to be taken into consideration it might look good in a movie. Detective Gordon would be the man who does all the fighting and the heavy work as a young Wayne starts to take the dark path to justice.

Gordon would remain the focus and Wayne would be shown as the boy who is slowly being molded into the world’s greatest detective. Showing a grown up Batman in the movie will be of no point because DC has already established an older and more experienced Batman in DCEU.

Also the fans have taken a liking to him, which would negate the need to have another grown up Batman.

The Batman in DCEU

Since DC planned to keep its movie and TV universes separate, fans get to see multiple versions of the same character. It is also one of the major reasons why a Gotham movie is not the best idea.

DCEU’s existing Batman is older and Ben Affleck plays this version. He debuted in the cinematic universe with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He is also going to appear in his solo movie The Batman, which will be directed by Matt Reeves.

Whatever DCEU and Gotham is doing right now, it simply looks better. DCEU has been focusing on the older version whereas the show on a younger version. Needlessly turning the series into a movie would only create unnecessary mess.

New season synopsis

A synopsis for the new season was also released. It talks about Detective Gordon and the GCPD’s hands being full. It also mentions the threat that Ra’s Al Ghul and the Penguin pose.

Further revealing that there are new villains in the fourth season, it asks what does a young Wayne’s season finale mean for the city.

Plot and premiere date

Before there was Batman, there was Gotham. It is the story of what the city used to be before the dark knight started protecting it. A young GCPD police detective Gordon is the man who has been trying to keep criminals off the streets.

Amongst them is also a young boy whose parents were murdered in front of him. The boy has to train himself and become the man he is meant to be. Gotham season 4 will premiere on Sept. 28.


Photo source: Facebook/Gotham

Facebook/Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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