Actress Amandla Stenberg of Hunger Games Makes ‘Badass’ Black Feminist Comic

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Actress Amandla Stenberg of Hunger Games Makes ‘Badass’ Black Feminist Comic
Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg, 16, is a lot bigger than her age, for the essays she has written on inter-sectional radicalism has made her popular on the internet. The young girl has expressed her views on women of shade and as if this was not enough, she has already played a role in “The Hunger Games”.

With all these achievement in her bag, Amandla Stenberg is looking for more as in the latest project she is all set to launch a comic book that describes about a young dark heroine.

NiobeAyutami, the character described in the comic book is of diverse race being half elf and half human. The comic book is being named after this leading character as “NIOBE”.

According to, Stenberg is of the view that the journey of the character Niobe is similar to that of her and this made her to co-write the story and give voice to the character. She is curious to find out the innate strengths and powers of this character and want to discover who this character is really. Stenberg says that she herself being of mixed race connects with the character readily.

Niobe is moving on a path that will put her faith to test and he will be stretched to it limits, something of which we are all aware of. Stenberg went on to describe that she has not found a character at par with Niobe, as she breaks all the traditional rules of what describes a hero. The world needs more badass girls like her.

Stranger Comics, a publisher of “I Am” and “I Am Mixed” is producing this comic book. The publisher is of the view that the book is being made to serve under represented audience.

According to, Sebastian A. Jones, CEO, Stranger Comics describes why he took up this project with Stenberg. He says that he is not a fresh, dark, adolescentwoman, but he is mixed. Therefore, to not line-up up with a character that is similar to him would have been morally insensitive and idiotic. Niobe’s state of life and souls is really engaging.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Amandla Stenberg

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