This Actress Is Being Considered For The Female Lead In Aladdin

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Actress Is Being Considered For The Female Lead In Aladdin
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Aladdin, one of the most successful animated fantasy films is being made into a live-action movie. The search is on for the lead stars and going by the latest update, an actress is being considered for the female lead. She was recently seen in a superhero movie and could be on her way to getting cast in the Disney movie.

Naomi Scott being considered

Screen Rant reported that Power Rangers star Naomi Scott is being considered for the role of Princess Jasmine. While it has not been confirmed if she will get the part but hers is the first name that has popped up for the role.

Reports have also stated that she is currently competing for the role against Indian actress Tara Sutaria. The Guy Ritchie directorial has been looking for unknown actors of Middle Eastern or Indian descent who will portray the roles of Aladdin, a street urchin and Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah.

The movie is a remake of the 1992 animated movie of the same name, which is even today considered one of the classic animated movies.

About Aladdin

Aladdin is set in the fictional kingdom of Agrabah. The Sultan has been looking for a perfect suitor for his only daughter but she keeps on refusing everyone. On the other hand, there is a street urchin named Aladdin who, along with his monkey friend Abu, happens to spend most of his time loitering around.

He is recruited by the Grand Vizier (Prime Minister) Jafar to retrieve a magical lamp hidden within the Cave of Wonders. It is revealed that Jafar’s intentions are not good, as he wants to usurp the kingdom and marry the Princess.

The reason he sends Aladdin in the cave is that only a good-natured person can retrieve the lamp. But when Aladdin refuses to give him the lamp, Jafar traps him. Being trapped inside the cave, Aladdin makes new friends like the magic carpet and an all-powerful Genie who grants him three wishes.

Slowly, Aladdin starts to see the good life with his newfound friends. He woos the Princess and soon finds himself as the successor of the Sultan. When Jafar comes to know of all this, he plans to steal the lamp from Aladdin.

He is successful in doing so and also sends Aladdin away to die. But Aladdin returns to the Kingdom, defeats Jafar and wins everyone’s heart again. Toward the end, Aladdin does something that paves way for a true friendship between him and the Genie.

Characters in Aladdin

Aladdin is not just known for its fantasy tale but it is the characters in it that make it so special. Apart from Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, there is Genie, the magic carpet, Abu the monkey and the evil Jafar that together form the story.

Aladdin awakened Genie after 10,000 years of sleeping in the lamp. His personality was quirky and he somehow formed a bond with the boy. In the animated series, the magical being permanently stayed back with the boy and regularly helped him overcome any obstacle.

The magic carpet was also trapped in the cave and chose to be with the boy forever. Abu the monkey had an encounter with the boy at an early age but since then the two have been best friends.

Jafar was always greedy and evil. He spotted Aladdin once without realizing that one day the same boy would become his biggest enemy.

Other stars associated with the project

Scott is not the only one whose name is being attached to the project. Previous reports have stated that the director and the studio are looking to cast Will Smith or Kevin Hart in the role of the Genie.

It has also been reported that Venom star Tom Hardy is being eyed for the role of Jafar. Since lesser-known actors will portray the lead pair, getting major names for other characters will be beneficial for the movie.

Plot and release date

The live-action movie is an official remake of the animated musical fantasy film that released in 1992. If it is a remake, it would be interesting to see how does one of Disney’s classic projects look like in live-action version.

If Smith gets cast as Genie, his portrayal is what fans might focus on more. Aladdin does not have a confirmed release date yet.


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