Adam Lambert Collaborates With Queen And Tove Lo In ‘The Original High’

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Adam Lambert Collaborates With Queen And Tove Lo In ‘The Original High’
Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has just revealed several exciting news about his new album, “The Original High.” The singer revealed that his fans, more popularly known as the Glamberts, could expect tons of collaborations in his upcoming tracks.

Speaking to ET Canada, Adam Lambert revealed that his latest album, “The Original High” out on June 16 is a product of hardwork and dedication. He shared that the album took more than a year to make, and he stayed in Sweden and LA in the process.

When asked on what fans can expect from his latest offering, the “Ghost Town” singer proudly explained that songs are totally different from what people heard from in the past. He added that he was thankful for the producers who encouraged him to try something different with his voice which gave the album a different vibe.

Lambert added that fans will be pleasantly surprised that there were tons of collaborations from different artists in “The Original High” album.

“Tove lo is singing a song with me called ‘Rumours’. She and I wrote it together in Sweden,” he said. In addition, Queen’s Brian May also played the guitar on another song, “Lucy.”

According to Digital Spy, “Rumours” will be a heartbreaking song about dealing with someone who doesn’t trust you.

As reported by Franchise Herald, Adam Lambert has launched the first track of his new album called “Ghost Town” early this month. The website pointed out that his latest track gained not only the admiration of his fans, but also the critics. Because of this, much is expected from the “American Idol’s” latest offering.

There you have it on the latest news about Adam Lambert and his latest album, “The Original High.” Are you excited about new collaborations? Sound off in the comments below.

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