Adam Lambert Launches First Single From ‘The Original High’ Album

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Adam Lambert Launches First Single From ‘The Original High’ Album
Adam Lambert

Glamberts, listen up! A brand new single in Adam Lambert’s latest album “The Original High” finally drops in next month! Read on for more details.

Lambert, for the past years, has been quiet about the album avoiding questions about his next album during interviews, however, that snappily changed now that he has been talking about it more often.

During his 33rth birthday in January, the “American Idol” alum announced that his 1st single will be out this April.

On his recent interview in Australia, the Lambert discussed the album, which is a follow-up of his current album “Trespassing” released in 2012. Adam, adding on his revelations, said that the newest album is a lot more experimental compared to what fans are used to hearing; however, he promised that the album still has that undeniable energy and he is so much excited about it.

“I’m so excited. I created this record with Max Martin and Shellback as the two executive producers – we’ve been working on it for over a year,” he told Press Party.

As Movie News Guide previously reported, the singer spent 2 months in Stockholm, locked up in a studio just to give fans a “fresh” new album that’s reportedly totally different from his previous tracks.

“It’s kind of a new sound and a new energy, and I’m excited for people to hear it.” he added.

Lambert had been very busy as he recently went on a world tour as the frontman for rock band Queen. Just this month, he returned from a sold out concert in Europe. Just Jared previously reported that Queen will open Rock in Rio Brazil’s “30th year Celebration” edition slated in September.

Are you excited for Adam Lambert’s new single coming this April? Tell us what you think, Glamberts!

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