Adam Lambert Stars In MTV’s ‘My First Time’; ‘Ghost Town’ Singer Performs In ‘The Voice’ Australia

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Adam Lambert Stars In MTV’s ‘My First Time’; ‘Ghost Town’ Singer Performs In ‘The Voice’ Australia
Adam Lambert

In a brand new MTV series titled “My First Time,” Adam Lambert shares what it was like when he first started shaving. The “Ghost Town” singer may be known for his eccentric sense of style but when it comes to grooming, he did not exactly had much luck in the beginning.

In “My First Time,” Lambert shared what it felt to hold a razor back when he was younger.

“I remember shaving for the first time because I wasn’t really needing to shave yet. You know, it was like peach fuzz, you know when you’re like 14,” he told MTV.

The “American Idol” alum revealed that he got cut from the razor the first time since he was not really use to shaving. He described the entire experience as a “bizarre feeling” that he will never forget.

In other news, Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato recently confirmed that they will be performing live at “The Voice Australia.”

According to Unreality TV, when Lambert broke the news to his 2.47 million followers on Twitter, the social media exploded. His Australian fans are definitely happy when they found out that he will be returning to the Land Down Under with many already asking questions where they score tickets for the much awaited performance.

Lambert is currently busy promoting his latest album “The Original High.” The singer shared that he was “really proud” of how the album turned out. He added that he sang his heart out in all of the tracks and hope fans will enjoy the different side of him.

There you have it on the latest news on Adam Lambert. Will you be watching “My First Time” and “The Voice Australia?” Sound off in the comments below.

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