Adam Levine Flirts With ‘The Voice’ Amy Vachal? Singer Avoids Getting Behati Prinsloo Pregnant?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Adam Levine Flirts With ‘The Voice’ Amy Vachal? Singer Avoids Getting Behati Prinsloo Pregnant?

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine has been facing a lot of cheating rumors with different women, and now,  he’s being linked to “The Voice” contestant Amy Vachal! Is he really having sexual tension with her or he’s just avoiding himself from getting Behati Prinsloo pregnant at all? Read on!

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo has been in a lot of negative rumors for more than a year now and worst, even the singer’s mother believed it was real! Though the Maroon 5 singer already denied the claims about his marriage, still, he’s been linked once again to another woman—“The Voice” contestant Amy Vachal.

According to Classicalite, Levine is facing his another worst nightmare—he’s cheating rumors followed him from his private life to his work life as he has been reported to be having a sexual  tension over the show’s Filipino-American contestant, Amy Vachal.


Starpulse even reported that the 36-year-old  singer had to seclude himself from the girl, who was recently kicked out from the singing competition, just to avoid his rising sexual tension with her.

Adding on, a tabloid magazine has been claiming that an anonymous source revealed the said “obvious” tension between the coach and the Fil-Am lady  has been circulating prior to her elimination.

The source also noted that the rumored pair’s treatment to each other drastically changed when Levine saved her from being eliminated and be part of the top 9 finalists. Their interaction allegedly turned cool.

“No one can figure out if they’ve had an argument or if he’s trying to skirt some sexual tension,” the tabloid quoted.

Moreover, the source added that the singer “has been avoiding physical contact” with Vachal.

The claims are also linked to Levine’s baby issue with his Victoria’s Secret model wife.


Rumor has it that the singer “has been burying himself” with loads of work just to keep himself away from getting Prinsloo pregnant.

A tabloid even claimed that an unnamed insider revealed that the divorce is still might still be on. Prinsloo is said to be very skeptical when her husband started filling up his schedule for the year 2016.

However, there are some gossip sites that claimed all the reports are totally baseless and the avoiding issue is nothing but a big fat lie.

Photo Source: Facebook| Adam Levine Amy Vachal

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