How Adam Levine’s Neck Muscles Have got Maroon 5 Worried

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
How Adam Levine’s Neck Muscles Have got Maroon 5 Worried
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Did Adam Levine get into a car crash? Seemingly the press’ most favorite son, Levine recently had to cancel his concert in South Korea and appeared in a neck-brace. Read on to find out more.

Maroon 5 had to cancel their concert in Daegu, South Korea last minute. But disappointed fans at least received an apology from band frontman Adam Levine, who uploaded this photo to Instagram.

Appearing in a neck brace, Levine captioned the photograph: “Hey guys. sorry we had to reschedule… I posted this photo of sad neck brace Adam purely for your sympathy. See you Thursday! #Maroon5 #Vtour2015”

Denying the rumors that are circulating about Levine getting into a car crash, organizers of the concert have confirmed that the rescheduling was not due to an accident, but “neck muscle issues,” according to Hollywood Reporter. The band will still perform on Monday and Thursday at Seoul.

“The artists and staff tried very hard to prepare for [the concert this past Saturday] until the day before on Friday, but it seemed problematic to proceed with the show given vocalist Adam Levine’s neck muscle issues,” Live Nation Korea said.

All tickets are being refunded to the disgruntled fans. They will now have to go to Seoul to see Levine ‘move like Jagger.’ The concert is the band’s tour for their fifth album, imaginatively titled ‘V.’

The usual rumors have started circulating again about Levine being on the edge of a divorce with Behati Prinsloo, related to this incident in some way. But from his Instagram account, the couple seem to be going steady. Once again, it looks like all smoke and no fire.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Adam Levine

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