Adam Sandler Embroiled in a Controversy?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Adam Sandler Embroiled in a Controversy?

Funny man Adam Sandler who at one point of time was known for his comic timing and light-hearted movies is slowly falling on the wrong side of the tide. Last of his movies reviewed by critics have not fared well since critics have been branding his movies tasteless with no humor left in them. If this was not enough, then the actor now finds his name embroiled in a controversy that has been doing the rounds everywhere.

According to Cheat Sheet, the issue was raised by actress Rose McGowan who recently tweeted about a note that was attached to a script she was sent. The script was for a part in an upcoming movie and had certain specifications that were defined. The actress tweeted about the note that stated women who will be auditioning for the role need to wear a dark form fitting tank that shows off their cleavage and that they should read the script beforehand so as to understand the context of the scenes.

The actress at the time had deduced that the audition was for an Adam Sandler film, which later on she herself confirmed. Following the events of what happened, a week later she also tweeted that she was fired by her agent because she spoke about the casting note that was quite sexist in nature. Rose also mentioned that she has no intention of defaming anyone but when she heard about the reason why Adam Sandler signed the Netflix deal was because the word rhymed with wet chicks, she was quite taken back and astonished at his reply.

She also stated that the reason why she chose to tweet about the note was because she never had any intention to accept the part anyways and for the same reason she did what she did. There have been reportedly other productions from Mr. Sandler’s camp too that have been somewhat distasteful in nature.

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