Adam Scott’s Awful Trip to ‘Sesame Street’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Adam Scott’s Awful Trip to ‘Sesame Street’ [WATCH VIDEO]
Left to right) Elmo, Honker, Cookie Monster, Rosita, and Grover sing and dance at the Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families at the Bulldog Box Office, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Aug. 14. Since 2008, the production has focused on helping children learn to deal with all the emotions that come with the deployment of a parent. This year, a new character has been introduced; Katie (not shown) is a military child that the audience can identify with.

Because it’s not always sunny on the way to “Sesame Street.”

“Sesame Street” is known for having Hollywood celebrities come on to their show and teach them words or numbers. This time, they have “Parks and Recreation” star Adam Scott as a guest on the children’s program.

Adam is met by Murray and shows him from the start that he is going to be this world’s friendliest host. He got to the point that he was doing everything to make Scott’s trip memorable to say the least.

But as it turns out, Murray was not trying to be a bad host, but rather he just wanted to teach Scott a lesson on vocabulary. But hey, there are more appropriate ways to teach the word “awful” and its meaning as oppose just ruining that delicious batch of cupcakes

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Lance Cpl. Sarah Wolff-Diaz



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