Is An ‘Addams Family’ Reboot Happening?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is An ‘Addams Family’ Reboot Happening?
The Addams Family

An “Addams Family” reboot is in-demand ever since a photo of the family resurfaced online with Morticia Addams as Christina Ricci who originally played Wednesday Addams. Of course, this photo was only photoshopped but this increased the demand on a reboot of the hit 90’s movie. Read on for more details.

Currently, there are no plans for an “Addams Family” reboot but with the photoshopped photo uploaded on the Internet, the demand for a reboot is growing. Anjelica Houston, who originally played Morticia Addams, and the release of the edited photo online might launch a “campaign” for a sequel to the “Addams Family” movie.

Ricci would make a great Morticia Addams, but fans would still like to see her as a grown-up Wednesday Addams while Houston gets to keep and reprise her role, in case the movie gets a reboot. According to Huffington Post, the photo could be Wednesday Addams but she only looked like her mother when older.

It is also a great time for an “Addams Family” reboot. We all grew up with the spooky family and now there is no wonder why people demand a reboot. Left and right, movie reboots are happening and it’s high time that a reboot for this movie is considered. If in case a reboot is happening and would like to cast the original members, not everyone will be able to come back because Gomez Addams played by Raul Julie has already passed away.

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Photo source: Facebook/The Addams Family

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