Adele Breaks Vevo Record with 27.7 Million Views in 24 Hours!

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
Adele Breaks Vevo Record with 27.7 Million Views in 24 Hours!
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Adele is back! And… she broke Vevo records! Read on for more details!

The 27-year-old British singer and songwriter is back from a four-year hiatus. She definitely returned with a bang! The music video for her comeback track, “Hello,” has broken Vevo records with 27,717,681 million views in 24 hours! Wow, fans must have really missed her!


How does Taylor Swift feel about this? Swift, who was hailed as the previous queen of Vevo, was just dethroned by the British songstress.

Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video got over 20.1 million views on its first day in May 2015. It will be recalled that Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video was also a previous record holder with over 19.6 million views in Aug. 2014.

The “Hello” video, which has simple black and white visuals, shows a distressed Adele calling her younger self to talk about the mistakes that she made. “90210” actor Tristan Wilds plays as her love interest.

During her interview with Nick Grimshaw on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Adele said: “I want to surprise people. I’ve had nothing to say so why am I going to say anything. Every album is always going to follow 21, so I can’t include it in any expectations of anything I do again.”

According to International Business Times, Adele confessed that she panicked before returning to the spotlight.

“I full on started panicking when I woke up on Sunday. I’ve been planning it for a while and I was nervous,” Adele said. She also admitted that she felt relief at the final debut of her new single.


“Nothing has to be a secret anymore. They played it after a pizza advert… typical. I don’t remember how it felt. It went quiet in my house. I thought everyone would think it was a John Lewis advert. Then I went on Twitter. I’ve lost my password so I looked on my browser and could only see three tweets, so I thought that’s it, I’ve missed my window. Then my boyfriend said there’s loads.” Adele said.

“Hello” is the first offering from Adele’s upcoming third studio album “25,” which is scheduled to be released on Nov. 20. 2015.

Have you watched the video yet?

Photo source: Instagram/Adele

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