Adele On ‘Saturday Night Live’: 5 Interesting Things to Know

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Adele On ‘Saturday Night Live’: 5  Interesting Things to Know

Adele is in a real comeback mode. Her “Saturday Night Live” promos are something which is being talked about by everyone.

The singer  is being supported by cast member and host Cecily Strong, as well as actor Mathew McConaughney. “Saturday Night Live” airs on NBC at 11:30 p.m. on Saturdays.

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Adele returns to “Saturday Night Live” this Saturday, thus making an appearance on a U.S. television show for the first time. This was in support for 25 needles.

It has been a highly anticipated show and the episode will be hosted by Mathew McConaughey.

Here are the 5 top things to expect from Adele’s “Saturday Night Live”appearance:

  1. Adele is expected to sing her current big hit “Hello” on the show, though any song from the album “25” is possible. Chances are, the singer might also perform “When We Were Young”, her new song that she released earlier this week as a live video.
  1. If you have watched Adele interacting with the press, you must have watched that she has a fun personality that only ends up making her extremely delightful. Many are hoping that she will be joined by McConaughey and company in a sketch this weekend, where the singer’s goofier side will be shown.
  1. According to the promos, a stunning Adele is seen goofing with her flip phone. Will “SNL” join in playing this out-of-date technology from the video with the rest of Internet?
  1. Adele is known to have a highly recognizable way of singing/speaking so when there is horrifying news from all over the world, it will be really interesting to see how all the cast members will talk to the host McConaughney and the singer.
  1. There are hopes of the sketch getting repeated and this time it is for an appearance of Adele in her real and live avatar.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Adele

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