Adele In Tears As She Makes Her Comeback With ‘Hello’

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Adele In Tears As She Makes Her Comeback With ‘Hello’
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It was one of the most emotional and intense moments in singer Adele’s life. The singer was recently in tears. Here is the entire story for you.

It was the debut of “Hello”, her comeback single last September 23. Adele, 27, was literally in tears when her comeback single debuted on the radio on Friday. It was Adele’s appearance on “Breakfast Show” that was aired on BBC Radio 1 on Friday morning.  She was promoting the release of her new single and admitted that she felt both anxious and sick about the track’s first airing.

The London-born singer spoke just a short time before her song was played on the radio. She said that she want people to like her new number. Even when Adele was writing the lyrics of her song, she knew that this would be it.

The Grammy winner was petrified that people may not like her new single’s teaser that runs for 30 seconds. The teaser was released last weekend just ahead of her song’s official release.

The singer was apprehensive that no one would know that she has sung the song and it is going to backfire. She even checked her Twitter account and found that there were only 3 tweets, initially.

It was quite disappointing for her and she thought that she had missed her chance. However, her boyfriend told her that there were many more tweets that followed

Adele also shared that she was eager to boost the expectations of public with her latest album that is supposed to come out on November 20. This will be her first album after staying away from the world of music for four years.

While speaking to Nick Grimshaw, Adele reflected on her long absence from the music industry. She said that it was her desire to surprise people and she did not want to do something simply for the sake of it.


Photo Source: Facebook/Adele

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