ADL Turned Down Gary Oldman’s Apology

By Rowell De Guia | 3 years ago
ADL Turned Down Gary Oldman’s Apology
Gary Oldman speaking at the 2014 WonderCon, for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Filmmaker and musician Gary Oldman said sorry for getting on Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin’s side, but Anti-Defamation League (ADL) rebuffed his apology according to The Hollywood Reporter (THR). Read on to know more about Movie News Guide’s  (MNG) latest scoop on ADL’s reaction to Gary Oldman’s statement.

It can be remembered that, a year ago, Baldwin employed homophobic slurs to a photographer while Gibson’s anti-Semitic comments became a center of controversy. According to reports, Oldman made comments about these issues in his Playboy interview, implying that he is on the side of the actors. After defending the actors, Oldman realized how offensive and insensitive his comments were and issued a statement retracting everything that he said.

However, Oldman’s apology was not persuasive enough for Abraham Foxman, national director of ADL. Oldman may have too strongly rejected the social sanctions that are set against Baldwin and Gibson during the interview that the weight of Gibson’s rant against Jews and Baldwin’s insult to gays were carried over to Oldman — perhaps  regret came too late.

In the statement issued by Oldman, he said that he was hoping that his heartfelt apology would be received as genuine as he intended it to be and that he has nothing against Jews for he himself has personal relationship with them.

The Hollywoord Reporter published Foxman’s statement in response to Oldman’s admission of guilt. According to the report, ADL has just started a dialog with Oldman’s managing producer for the reason that the group was not satisfied with the explanation sent to them. Moreover,an equally strong response was given by some Jewish leaders. Rabbi Marvin Hier and Simon Wiesenthal Center Dean commented that Mel Gibson used the same words as Adolf Hitler’s slogan to massacre millions of Jews and that what Gary Oldman proposed was to forget everything about it.

Despite Oldman’s admission that he became insensitive in the interview, his longtime manager, Douglas Urbanski, believes that Oldman was misinterpreted and that the discussion with ADL was unnecessary.

HTC mobile company, whose television commercial employs Oldman, wanted to keep away from the controversy and commented that the actor’s views do not reflect that of HTC. Finally, 20th Century Fox, distributor of Oldman’s latest movie “Dawn of the Planet Apes,” which will be shown on June 11, 2014 in theaters, has no comment about the issue.

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