Admission Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Admission MovieAdmission is a new movie from director Paul Weitz. It features Tina Fey as Princeton University admissions counselor Portia and Paul Rudd as the prep school teacher John. It is a movie that shows how it is like to be a parent today.

Portia’s job takes her to different schools. She goes to a Vermont progressive school where she meets her former college classmate John. He tells her that his top student, Jeremiah (Nat Wolff), is the son Portia gave up for adoption while she was still studying in Dartmouth. Jeremiah wants to go to Princeton and Portia tries her best to get Jeremiah into the university. She was willing to break rules in the admissions handbook.

Admission is based on a novel written by Jean Hanff Korelitz, wife of a Princeton professor and a former reader of applications to the university. The movie is funny as it deals with the procedures in academia. The movie tells parents to listen to what their children want and not treat them as extension of their own wishes and frustration in life.

Tina Fey plays a compulsively orderly character. As Portia, she trims her bonsai plant with nail scissors on her desk. She wants to succeed her boss (Wallace Shawn) when he retires. She believes that her relationship with the literature professor (Michael Sheen) is going smoothly even when in reality it is already washed up. Her feminist mother (Lily Tomlin) is also keeping her at arm’s length all through her life that persuaded Portia never to have kids.

While Admission is about applicants trying to enter an upper-tier university, it shows how some resort to unethical ways to enter their college of choice. The movie is also about family dynamics, which is something director Weitz knows a lot about judging from his previous movies In Good Company, About a Boy and Little Fockers.

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