The Advantages of a Fugitive Liz on ‘The Blacklist’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
The Advantages of a Fugitive Liz on ‘The Blacklist’
Megan Boone (Elizabeth Keen). July 19, 2013. 00:58:02. Wikimedia Commons/Thibault

In less than two weeks, NBC’s “The Blacklist” will return to the small screen, much to the excitement and anticipation of fans of the mystery procedural, who are all eager to discover what will happen next after the game-changing events of the second season finale. Aside from the hints and teases that have already been dropped, it seems like more questions will be answered regarding the mysterious organization called the “Cabal,” and that the new dynamics of the show will add a whole new dimension and energy to the show, which might be welcome news to some of the show’s fans. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers on the upcoming season of “The Blacklist”, which will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015. Read on to learn more about what will be happening regarding the Cabal, and what sort of new dynamic will happen within the show.

The end of the second season shocked fans of “The Blacklist” to the core. FBI Agent Elizabeth “Liz” Keen discovered her past, and as she shot the Attorney General, leading her to go on the run with Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader), thus making her the second most wanted criminal besides him.


However, with the knowledge that FBI Agent Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and the task force will be after both Liz and Red, many fans are beginning to wonder as to what will be happening next for the show, since, as Carter Matt pointed out recently, the events of the second season finale have left the fans in a quandary. If Liz is indeed caught right away, then a huge part of the season will be without her, which cannot happen as the crux of the show is Liz’s relationship with Red. On the other hand, the FBI would look like utter failures if they cannot even catch up to the pair at least once in the upcoming season.

Dragging out the hunt for Liz may, however, prove to be interesting for a couple of episodes. Executive producer John Eisendrath, in an interview with TV Line, stated that this would also allow them to explore how each member of the task force reacts and acts to the events that will naturally transpire.

Eisendrath also hinted that there will be instances in which Liz and Red will be using the task force in a way that would be beneficial for them all. The task force would keep tabs on them by helping them clear Liz’s name, by going after particular people on Red’s blacklist, which will bring the show back to its procedural format, while adding a whole new dimension to the show.


Aside from this, recently, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, also hinted that with the revelation of the Cabal, and of the Fulcrum, more and more enemies from the Cabal will be seen.

Bokenkamp also teased that more will be learned about Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq), in particular, that Dembe has an actual life outside of being Red’s  faithful bodyguard and man servant.

Are you excited for the season premiere of “The Blacklist”? Do you agree that this neat twist will bring a much needed added kick to the show? Do you prefer Liz as an FBI Agent or as a criminal? Let us know what you think and what your theories are in the comments below!

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Catch “The Blacklist” when it returns on October 1, 2015, Thursday, at 9:00 PM on NBC.

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