“Adventures Of Superman” Star Jack Larson Dies At 87: The Actor Refused Publicity!

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
“Adventures Of Superman” Star Jack Larson Dies At 87: The Actor Refused Publicity!
Jack Larson

Jack Larson, who played as Jimmy Olsen in “Adventures of Superman,” is no more. The actor/ producer died on September 20, at the age of 87. Read on for more details.

The New York Times reported that Larson, who became popular for the 1950’s TV series “Adventures of Superman,” has died in his Brentwood home. Other details of his death are not yet revealed.

The actor was a California state bowling champion of his age group, while he was 14, reported The Hollywood Reporter. He started writing plays and librettos, and has even produced many films of James Bridges, after the series “Adventures of Superman” ended in the late 1950s.

“The Candied House” is a popular play written by him. He has also contributed librettos for many operas such as Virgil Thomson’s opera “Lord Byron,” that aired at New York’s Lincoln Center in 1972.

He played in “Superboy,” the syndicated series, in 1991. He appeared as old Jimmy Olsen in ABC’s “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” in 1996. He also starred in NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in 2010.

Jack Larson was the companion of actor Montgomery Clift until Clift’s death in 1966, and lived together with director James Bridges in Brentwood hillside home for several years. In 2011, Larson has himself admitted to the Los Angeles Times that they lived as partners.

According to Deadline, Larson lived together with Bridges, his long-term romantic partner, from 1958 until Bridges’ death in 1993.

The source also reported that Larson wrote the play “The Candied House” in 1966, “Chuck” in 1968, and “The Astronaut’s Tale” in 1998.

Larson refused to do publicity for his series, and to do a magazine interview, as he believed that they are not permanent. However, contrary to his belief, he was popular for his Jimmy Olsen role in the “Adventures of Superman” until now.

R.I.P Jack Larson!

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Jack Larson

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