Advocates for Gun Control Pressure Obama

By admin | 6 years ago

Yesterday President Barack Obama made an emotional request for meaningful action following the shooting massacre in an elementary school in Connecticut and might signal he is ready to push forward for stronger laws on gun control. The issue is delicate politically and it is one he kept his distance from during his entire first four years in office.

The killings of the twenty school children and seven adults, said Obama, created a necessity to stop gun violence. Obama, speaking at the White House, said as a country this has happened all too frequently.

He had to stop a number of times when he was speaking in order to wipe tears from his eyes and to compose himself. He said the entire country needed to unite to make sure meaningful action is taken to prevent additional tragedies like todays regardless of politics.

Advocates for gun control immediately started to challenge Obama to follow up on his words with legislation. Following the shooting massacre in Aurora, Colorado in July that killed 12 and injured 58, Obama promised to seek the consensus nationally on reducing violence through the use of guns. However, since it was an election year, nothing happened.

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City said just calling for action was not enough, he said immediate action was needed, as the rhetoric has been heard previously.

This year there has been seven mass murders across the U.S. Mass murders are those where more than four people are killed. The total lives lost in the seven massacres were 65.

Carolyn McCarthy, a Democratic Representative, whose husband was one of six commuters on the Long Island Railroad shot and killed in 1993, said the shootings were beginning to be all too often and common.

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