Affleck’s Argo Makes Former Ambassador Feel Slighted

By admin | 6 years ago

Ken Taylor, the former Canadian Ambassador in Iran says he feels slighted by Argo, the movie nominated for a best picture Oscar. The former ambassador protected Americans in Iran at a huge risk to both he and other members of the embassy staff during the hostage crisis in Iran during 1979. Taylor said it would reflect poorly on Ben Affleck the film’s director, if he does not say something about the role of Canada, if the film wins the Academy Award.

Taylor also said he felt slighted by the film since it makes his country look as if it was a just an observer to the heroics of the CIA in rescuing six citizens from the U.S., who had been caught up in the hostage crisis.

The former ambassador does not believe Affleck will say anything, but he hopes Affleck will if he is awarded the Oscar.

Taylor kept six Americans hidden inside the Canadian embassy in Tehran and helped to facilitate their escape through obtaining plane tickets and fake passports. In the U.S. and Canada, he was a hero afterwards. However, in the movie his role during the crisis helping the six Americans was minimized.

On Friday in a prepared statement, Affleck said he thought the issue regarding Ambassador Taylor was resolved. He said he admires Taylor for what he did in rescuing the Americans. Affleck said Taylor was a hero. He also said he had been asked by Taylor to narrate a film Taylor was featured in.

Former President Jimmy Carter also said that the movie distorted the amount of input the Canadians had in the planning of the escape. Carter said that 90% of the myriad of contributions for the escape were made by the Canadians, while the film made it look almost entirely the CIA.




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