Affleck’s New Movie receives high praise

By admin | 6 years ago

Ben Affleck said that because of the current strained diplomatic relations between the U.S and Canada with Iran, his current spy movie, Argo, has even more meaning in the world will live in today. Affleck is the star of the movies as well as its director. The movie is based upon the 1979 role of the CIA in smuggling out American diplomats from inside Iran. The six diplomats used a guise of being members of a movie production to flee the country.

At Toronto’s Film Festival on Friday the movie premiered. It premiered to standing ovations with long applauses. The movie was also billed as a strong contender to win an Oscar. The movie was produced in the grainy style typical of 1970s movies and depicted how a plan to escape by six U.S. embassy diplomats was hatched during the the Islamic revolution.

The movie constantly shifts between Iran and Washington and takes from Tony Mendez’s memoir The Master of Disguise. Mendez was a CIA specialist in Iran who devised the plan for the escape by posing the U.S. diplomats as a film production crew from Canadian.

Over the past thirty years, from the time the U.S. embassy was stormed and hostages were held for 444 days, diplomatic relations with the Islamic country have changed very little. On Friday, the same day as the movie premiere, Canada ended diplomatic relations with Iran and closed its Iranian embassy. The U.S. has not operated an embassy in Tehran since the hostages were taken in the 1979 raid of the embassy.

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