Afflicted Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Afflicted Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

CBS’ “Afflicted” opens in Canada and U.S. theatres on April 4, 2014. The horror thriller film is directed by Clif Prowse and Derek Lee. Its cast members include: Zachary Gray, Clif Prowse, Derek Lee, Baya Rehaz and Edo Van Breemen. Read on for the “Afflicted” movie review and a brief synopsis of the film.

“Afflicted” Film Synopsis:

The movie is about two friends, Derek and Clif, who wanted to travel and see the world and live life as if they were to die tomorrow. They document their trip by taking note of the places they have been. When they reach Paris, they encounter a beautiful woman. Before they know it, one of them is mysteriously afflicted. He is infected of some kind of flesh-eating disease, which, in no time, has consumed him. Far away from home, they must track the source and find out how to get rid of it before it takes the whole out of him.

“Afflicted” Movie Review:

Even if the rating has no consensus yet, Rotten Tomatoes has given “Afflicted” an 89% and 91% of moviegoers would like to watch this film. Moreover, William Goss of particularly pointed out the film’s new take on the “horror” genre. “Puts enough of a new spin on old nightmares to stake a claim all its own,” wrote Gross in his article in

The Wrap’s Alonso Duralde  praised “Affliction” for making new twists in their plot, making it stand out among its contemporaries. However, he concluded in The Wrap report, “Nonetheless, we all know this terrain pretty well by now, and as Derek begins to change, each phase of his transformation feels overly familiar to anyone with a working knowledge of popular horror tropes.”

The film may have received mixed responses from the audience, but it was a taker in the Fantastic Fest Awards 2013. For the Horror Feature category, the movie has received multiple awards, such as Best Screenplay, Best Picture and Best Director. It was also a recipient of awards of recognition from Toronto International Film Festival.

And that’s the “Afflicted” movie review. Stay tuned for more movie reviews here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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