Affluenza Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Affluenza Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

The drama movie that aimed to be the teenage adaptation of “The Great Gatsby,” “Affluenza” is about a coming-of-age teen who gets the taste of high class New York. Some of the cast members include Ben Rosenfield, Gregg Sulkin, Nicola Peltz, Steve Guttenberg, Samantha Mathis, Valentina de Angelis. The film is directed Kevin Asch and is penned by Antonio Macia. Read on to know more about the film “Affluenza.”

“Affluenza” Synopsis:

Set in the summer of 2008 before the great depression of the finances in America, the movie revolves around the young man, Fisher Miller (Ben Rosenfield). He is an aspiring photographer who gets involved in the high class New York suburban society at Great Neck through the connection of his uncle Phil (Steve Guttenbberg) and his wife, Bunny (Samantha Mathis), and his very stunning cousin, Kate (Nicola Peltz). Packed with an immense supply of pot, Fisher gains reputation with his rich neighbors: Dylan (Gregg Sulkin); Kate’s boyfriend, Todd (Grant Gustin); and her sexy friend, Jody (Valentina de Angelis).

Growing to be a huge part of the rich clique, Dylan strikes a deal with Fisher that if he’s able to help him score his beautiful cousin, Kate, he’ll talk to his overly rich CEO father to aid Fisher into an art institution. The summer continues in a flurry of excitement under the grand mixture of romance and socioeconomic issues which caused Fisher to gradually shun the elite, but inconsistent, society unfolding before him.

“Affluenza” Review:

The writers may not put it on the end of the credits, but the film is clearly based on the popular novel turned movie, “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The whole plot, which revolved around the dramatic high-class society and the immersion of a contributory outsider, is enough to put everything in perspective. The film may have been set on a different time frame and location, but the basics remain intact.

The story in itself can thoroughly be predicted once the audiences reach the middle part of the film. It has simultaneously failed at being deep when, in actuality, it’s all too shallow. It gives off the kind of feeling that most people get when rich kids get into deeper forms of trouble as their parents turn out to be the main catalyst of it all. Complete with an outsider who gets awed by the grand offering of what it’s like being in the inner circle but later on realizes that it just destroys his essence.

According to the Variety, the denouement of the film lands with lesser recognition. They correlated it to the downfall of the Lehman Brothers, which included some clips of speeches by Barrack Obama and George W. Bush. The film clearly wanted to give a remarkable impact that goes around the context of runway capitalism and the problems of those who are privileged.

Of course, just like any other coming-of-age movie, the cast realizes how much they have taken a wrong turn in their life and decided to correct their wrongs and steer themselves to the right direction. The movie turned out to be disappointing, but there are some elements that effectively redeemed it. For one, Ben Rosenfield’s acting was very much commendable. The cinematography and the production value were also presented in a justifiable and a professional way. Plus with the musical genius MJ Mynarski as the musical scorer, the movie did not fail to substantiate the mise-en-scene of the film.

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