AFI Declares Top 10 Films And Television Shows Of 2015

By Ghosh Piyali | 2 years ago
AFI Declares Top 10 Films And Television Shows Of 2015
The Big Short movie

The American Film Institute (AFI) has finally announced the top 10 films and television shows for 2015 on December 16. The list includes recently launched movies like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “The Big Short”, and “Bridge of Spies.” The names of much-hyped popular television series like HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (running since 2011) and FX’s “The Americans” (since 2013), and Showtime’s “Homeland” (since 2011), just to mention a few are also in the list.

Adam McKay-directed “The Big Short” and was based on a book of the same name, written by Michael Lewis. The movie starred Hollywood’s A-List actors like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, etc. In simple words, the story talked about the collapse of the global economy and financial crisis between 2007 and 2010 (via Wikipedia).

Bridge of Spies movies
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The movie “Bridge of Spies,” directed by Steven Spielberg, was consciously made old-fashioned to take viewers back to the 70s when Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union in exchange of KGB Colonel  Rudolf Abel (Vilyam Fisher), as reported by The Guardian.

CAROL movie
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The movie “Carol” was based on the novel “The price of Salt” by Patricia Highsmith. Directed by Todd Haynes, the movie starred the actors like Rooney Mara, Kyle Chandler, Sarah Paulson, and Cate Blanchett.

The names of other movies in list are “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Inside Out,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “The Martian”, “Room”, “Spotlight”, and “Straight Outta Compton.”

Moving on to TV programs, we have“Mr. Robot”. Created by Sam Esmail,  the show is a popular thriller series that first premiered on the USA Network in this 2015. Rami Malek played Elliot Alderson, a New York based cyber security engineer and vigilante hacker in “Mr. Robot”.

Game of Thrones TV show
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Up next is a creation by D. B. Weiss and David Benioff, “Game of Thrones” is a fantasy series based on “A Song of Ice Fire,” a fantasy novel series by famous American novelist George R. R. Martins.

Other TV programs that made it to the top list of the AFA are as follows–“The Americans”,
“Better Call Saul”, “Black-ish”, “Empire”, “Fargo”, “Homeland”, “Master of None”, and “Unreal.”


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