AHS Freak Show Finale Recap: Curtain Call

By April Lara | 3 years ago
AHS Freak Show Finale Recap: Curtain Call
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The anticipation for the latest “American Horror Story” a few months back was intense, especially with the teasers that were being released almost every week nearing its premiere. The first few episodes were really amazing, but when we got to the latter part of the show, we couldn’t help but ask: Is that it? Take us back to the haunted home now instead! Anyway, you be the judge. Here’s the full recap of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” finale Episode 13 “Curtain Call.”

Now that Elsa Mars was on her way to Hollywood and left the Freak Show to Dandy, every thing could just go horribly, right? Since the episode kicked off with that idea, we know that something really horrible is about to happen.

The freaks didn’t like Dandy at all. And since Dandy is psychotic, he shot all of the freaks except for the twins, Jimmy and Desiree. Now, the twins came up with a good plan to kill Dandy — they agreed to marry him. But before that happened, Jimmy and Desiree managed to poison Dandy and let him drown in front of them. It was actually quite a satisfying scene to watch — Dandy suffering and struggling to live. Now he knows how it feels to suffer, just like how he mercilessly killed his victims.

So,Dandy’s dead, and the freaks got their happy endings — Jimmy married Dot, and they were expecting their first child; while Desiree married Malcolm, and they had kids.

What happened to Elsa? Well, Elsa married Michael Beck, her golden ticket to Hollywood. That’s when she started getting famous. Elsa married him for her own benefit because when the curtains are closed, she honestly hates him.

Then Elsa met Massimo again, her greatest love, and she even suggested that they run away together only to be disappointed when Massimo told her that he’s dying and only has a month to live. Oh, the irony!

To make matters worse for Elsa, the head of the network where she works for found out about the skeletons that she’s been hiding in her closet: her legs and the freaks. These were all revealed to the public. Since she doesn’t want to lose her job, she agreed to perform on Halloween because this is what the network wants. After performing a song, Edward Mordrake came for her, who was with Twisty that time. Edward killed her.

Well, Elsa went to heaven and found all of the other freaks there. They have forgiven Elsa and welcomed her with loving arms. Yes, that’s how “American Horror Story” Season 4 ended. So yeah…

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