AHS Freak Show Recap: Magical Thinking

By April Lara | 3 years ago
AHS Freak Show Recap: Magical Thinking
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Finally, the freaks have returned in “American Horror Story: Freak Show” Episode 11 “Magical Thinking.” A new character is introduced while another one leaves. Read below for the full recap.

So okay, Jimmy did get his hands chopped off, and a new freak’s in town, Chester. He put together his puppet named Marjorie that is very creepy — it’s like Chucky. Let’s start with Jimmy first. So, why did he gave up his claws? Well, he gave it up to Stanley in exchange for his freedom since he’s all locked up in jail. All he wanted was to get out of there, and Stanley had an offer.

Then there’s Bette and Dot who suddenly came up with the decision to lose their virginity. Yes, two heads, two girls and one lucky guy to have both. Chester’s arrival was right on cue because he was the perfect person to take the girls’ innocence, which he did so happily.

As for Chester’s character, well, you can really see that even though he may look like a normal magician, something’s still not right with him, which is why he can be classified as a freak. It’s as if he also has some mental issues because he actually believes that his puppet is real. Dandy found out that Chester had sex with the twins, and of course, Dandy wants his blood, which means that Chester’s days may be numbered with Dandy’s rage to get him sooner or later.

Elsa, on the other hand, was ready to leave the freaks and set off to Hollywood. She wanted to sell the freak show to Chester, but of course, this didn’t happen right away. Desiree and Maggie brought the encased Ma Petite, and she snapped and shoot Dell in the head. Yes, so Dell’s dead.

The questions now are: Will Elsa leave for Hollywood soon? Who’s going to take care of the freak show? Would Chester take it or will Dandy kill him first? Will Stanley finally get his freaks to showcase in his museum? Will Bette and Dot be ever separated?

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