AHS Freak Show Recap: Show Stoppers

By April Lara | 3 years ago
AHS Freak Show Recap: Show Stoppers
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We’re nearing the end of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” but before that, Ryan Murphy treated the fans with something that will surely freak them out in Episode 12 “Show Stoppers.” Read below for the full recap.

The episode opened with the whole freak show huddled inside a tent. They were about to toast to welcome the new additions and say goodbye to those who died or got killed. Chester was more than happy to be welcomed with a toast. However, Elsa wasn’t and asked Chester to leave and let the original family toast to Richard Spencer, the man who transformed all of their lives.

In this episode, we also learned about Massimo Dolfecino’s life. She revealed that after fixing her leg, Massimo stayed behind in Germany to avenge Elsa. Unfortunately, he got caught and was tortured. After a while, he worked as a carpenter and went to America. Moreover, Stanley told the freaks that Ethel did not take her life. He suggested that someone killed her. Of course, Stanley wanted all the freaks to point it to Elsa because, after all, she really is the one who killed her.

Meanwhile, Chester was in such a good mood. He was now with a two-headed girlfriend that he can have sex with anytime he wants. It brought happiness into his life and, at the same time, minimize his hallucinations that his puppet, Marjorie, is real. However, it turned out that the presence of Marjorie triggers Chester’s delusions. We were taken down memory lane when Chester remembered standing over the bodies of Alice, her wife, and Lucy, her girlfriend.

Dandy, on the other hand, wanted to exploit Chester because of his jealousy. Bette and Dot were determined not to reveal Chester’s past and only admitted (well, Bette did) that they are involved with a man.

Chester was rehearsing for his new show, and Bette and Dot refused to be his assistant. With that, Marjorie took over, and Maggie came out of nowhere and offered her assistance to Chester. Since Chester wasn’t on his right mind, he got another flashback again of Alice and Lucy. Then he saw Marjorie in the box, but it was really Maggie. He wants the delusions to stop and cut Maggie’s body in half. Chester ran away after that.

Jimmy learned about Maggie’s death through Eve, who said that their plan was to kill Elsa. However, the twins knew about the plan that they headed to Elsa to let her know. Elsa packed her bags right away, but before she left, she made the most shocking decision of her life. She gave Dandy full ownership of the freak show.

As for Chester, he surrendered himself to the police, claiming that he killed his puppet, Marjorie.

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