Airships Might Just Be Happening In ‘Final Fantasy XV’; Tabata Interviews

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Airships Might Just Be Happening In ‘Final Fantasy XV’; Tabata Interviews
In a recent interview with Hajime Tabata, it was revealed that airships are likely to be included in the game.

It was reported some time back that “Final Fantasy XV” is set in a gigantic space with enormous different kinds of transportation and ammunition. Basically, the video game is one whole landmass where all the protagonists can walk, run, flip, fight, etc. One of the most anticipated additions is airships and fans are looking forward to that completely. So is it really going to be included in the game? Read on to find out.

Earlier this year, Tabata stated that adding spaceships will be a huge challenge and still hasn’t been confirmed. Hajime Tabata, the developer of this game, interviewed with Famitsu recently and stated that the Final Fantasy team has collaborated with Just Cause 3 for developing airships that are highly anticipated. Since Just Cause 3 is famous for its smooth aerial additions to a game, they were approached by Final Fantasy XV.

Tabata further stated that since they had less knowledge in the field of aerial control development, they reached out to Just Cause 3 who graciously accepted their request. He added that he had received the official permission to make it public and confirm the addition of airships to fans. Both, Final Fantasy XV and Avalanche Studio have a lot of expectations from this partnership, but are not sure how all this will turn out to be, reports I Digital Times.

Tabata is ready to do anything in order to introduce airship technology in the game and we just need to wait and watch whether the technology will be released on launch day along with the game or later as Downloadable Content. He stated that his personal goal is to fly around the world and if that can be introduced in the game, it would be pretty much like a dream coming true.

According to News United, So it may take a little while for the airship technology to surface on the contiguous land mass of Final Fantasy XV and may just be Downloadable Content. All in all, it’s worth the wait.

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