Alex Cross Movie Review

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Alex Cross Movie Review Tyler Perry stars as the titular hero Alex Cross, a forensic psychologist and investigator. Sad to say, the movie is a dismal attempt into bringing novelist James Patterson’s cop character back into the big screen.

Alex Cross has a climax that features what probably is the worst fight in a major motion picture. It is framed tight and the lighting is dark that you can’t tell what is happening on the screen. The camera work is shaky that can elicit headaches from the audience.

The screenplay by Kerry Williamson and Mark Moss places Alex Cross before his FBI days, when he is still part of the Detroit police force. The setup is perfect for Perry, who is around 20 years younger than Morgan Freeman when he played the role in Kiss the Girls in 1997 and Along Came a Spider four years after.

Matthew Fox plays the psycho-killer Picasso in Alex Cross. He sheds a lot of weight to play the part, just like what Christian Bale did for The Machinist. Picasso loves to torture and feel his victims’ pain. It is up to Cross and partner Tommy Kane (Edward Burns) to hunt down the killer.

The way Cross lays out the killer’s M.O. the minute he steps on the crime scene is unnatural. His ability to find out how the mass murder took place is noticed by the FBI and he is called to DC. His wife (Carmen Ejogo) doesn’t want to leave Detroit and announces she’s pregnant with their third child. Their move to DC is set aside for a while until the psycho killer is put to jail.

Perry stands above everyone else in Alex Cross but he lacks the emotional range to carry the movie. He is watchable but is not that interesting. Fox is convincing as the psychopath who doesn’t have any humanity left in him. Most of the cast members are just doing their part to get by.

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