Alexa Davalos to Star in Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Adaptation

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Alexa Davalos to Star in Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Adaptation
Alexa Davalos. April 25, 2007. Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

How would it be like if the Allied forces had not won World War II? One of Amazon’s latest projects, a television adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s alternate history novel entitled “The Man in the High Castle,” has the answer to that question, as it features a brand-new alternate history from the one we know. Read further to learn more about this scoop.

This Amazon project is moving full speed ahead, as it has just cast its female lead, Alexa Davalos. According to Deadline, “The Man in the High Castle” is based on Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same name. Just like the novel, the television series is set in an alternate history in 1962. In this alternate history, the Axis powers won in the World War II, and the United States is controlled by Nazi Germany and Japan — Nazi Germany on the eastern part, Japan on the western.

Davalos will portray Juliana, an avid fan of Japanese culture and an aikido master, who lives in the Japanese-controlled San Francisco. However, her fondness for Japan and its culture changes when her half-sister, Trudy, is murdered in front of her by Japanese soldiers. However, before Trudy died, she handed Juliana a satchel full of important Resistance propaganda film. Juliana then makes it her mission to undergo a difficult journey to get to the headquarters of the American Resistance in Colorado.

Moreover, Davalos is best known for her role as Jasmine Fontaine in “Mob City” (2013). She has also appeared in various television and film projects, such as “Angel” (2002 to 2003), “The Chronicles of Riddick” (2004), “Reunion” (2005 to 2006) and “Clash of the Titans” (2010).

Deadline also noted that the role of the male lead in “The Man in the High Castle” will be portrayed by actor Luke Kleintank. Kleintank will play  Joe Blake, a New Yorker who joins the Resistance.

“The Man in the High Castle” hails from Frank Spotnitz (“The X-Files”)  and Scott Free. The series will be directed, and also produced, by David Semel.

And that’s the latest update on Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle.” For more news and updates on “The Man in the High Castle,” keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone



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