Alexander Dreymon Leads BBC’s ‘The Last Kingdom’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Alexander Dreymon Leads BBC’s ‘The Last Kingdom’
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Development for “The Last Kingdom” was announced back in July. The show, which will be aired on BBC 2 in the United Kingdom and BBC America in the United States, has recently picked its lead star in newcomer Alexander Dreymon. Learn more details about this production in the news story below.

Alexander Dreymon has been cast to play the lead in BBC’s adaptation of “The Last Kingdom,” according to Deadline. The actor, who was last seen on U.S. television via the horror fantasy drama “American Horror Story: Coven,” will play Uhtred, a character who is described as originally a Saxon but was captured and raised as a warrior by the Danes. Uhtred will join the crusade headed by Wessex’s King Alfred the Great. But his loyalties will be tested as he struggles with staying true to his origin or following the people who have raised him.

The role of Uhtred is perhaps the biggest challenge Dreymon, who is only 31 years old, will be tackling in his career to date. The actor has previously worked in TV movies and films like “Christopher and His Kind,” “The Test of Time” and “Heartlock,” which is currently in post-production. The actor is also known as Alexander Doetsch in some of his works.

“The Last Kingdom” is based on a book series written by Bernard Cornwell, which was first published in 2004. It documents the invasion of Britain by the Vikings. The story takes place between the 9th and 10th century and its historical account on the TV show will be interlaced with fictional stories and characters, as it was in the book.

It is believed that Cornwell, the author, is a descendant of Uhtred.

“The Last Kingdom” TV series will follow eight episodes and is already receiving comparisons to “Game of Thrones.” The show is being produced by Carnival Films, which has brought “Downton Abbey” to television, with Stephen Butchard doing the adaptation.

There you have it for the epic production of “The Last Kingdom,” which has found its lead with the up and coming actor Alexander Dreymon. Will this show open more doors for Dreymon on television? Guess we’ll have to wait and watch when the show starts.

For now, you can follow updates on “The Last Kingdom,” as well as other television favorites, here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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