Alexander Skarsgard breaks up with Kate Bosworth

By admin | 7 years ago
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Big celebrity news coming out of Hollywood today, True blood star Alexander Skarsgard has broken up with Kate Bosworth. Men and Women across the world can rejoice as they both enter the singles market.
Alex is famous for playing vampire Eric Northman in the hit HBO programme True Blood. It is rumoured that he ended his 2 year relationship with Kate. Sources coming out mention that the split was amicable, and happened a number of weeks ago.
Alex has been having some fun since the split. At the recent Comic Con event, Alex was seeing eyeing up a beautiful unknown brunette. I would expect him to be off the market fairly soon!
The couple never truly looked at ease with one another. Could it be the case that they were only together to promote their film Straw Dog? If this is the case then they really have both sold out. I hope for their sake that this is not the case.
What did you make of the couple?
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